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Citronella essential oil is a popular name in the field of aromatherapy. It is extracted by steam distillation of citronella Java grass. Citronella essential oil mainly consists of Geraniol, Citronellol, Rhodinol as well as Citronellal. The aroma of this oil is superb and it smells like rose oil. Citronella essential oil is used for a variety of purposes including treatment of fatigue, headache, flu as well as insect bites etc. Due to high alcoholic contents it is sensitive to skin and thus it should be used with care.

Citronella essential oil is pale yellow in color and it has got fruity, fresh and sweet aroma. In food and beverage industry, this oil is used as a flavor. You will also find it being a major ingredient in baked food, candies, frozen dairy products as well as cereals. In aromatherapy, this essential oil uses its relieving and warming features and improves the overall health of a person. Citronella essential oil also blends well with other oils and boosts the balmy and relaxing effect. You can mix it with various base oils and use them on your skin for treating fungal and infections. All you need to do is to just take care of the concentration as too much oil can cause skin irritation. Citronella essential oil is also used in treating joint and muscle pains.

This oil should be avoided in case of pregnancy. Also, due to high alcoholic content, you should avoid taking this oil internally. Before you apply this oil on your skin, make sure you test its effects by applying it on a small patch on your body.

Even though it was used as an insect repellant initially, its use has now spread to cosmetics, skin care, medicines etc. In Chinese medicines, it forms an important ingredient and is considered highly effective in treating rheumatic pain. You can also combat depression and bring positive thoughts in your life. Essential oils are concentrated and volatile compound, which are mainly obtained through the process of distillation. This oil embraces aromatic fragrance that improves the emotions and individuality of a person.

It can also be used in many ways. Many times it is applied along with carrier oil and applied to the body through massage. The massager however, needs to ensure that massage is done in an appropriate manner, especially covering the muscles and joints. If you are suffering from allergies then it is better not to use this oil.

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